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Why on Mars?  







Project Partners

- Swiss FAMARS Consortium
The AFM for Mars was realized with the financial support of SPP MINAST and the Wolfermann-Nägeli-Foundation in Switzerland. Consortium members : IMT UNI Neuchatel, CSEM Neuchatel, Nanosurf AG Liestal, IFP UNI Basel

- Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, USA:
MECA Project Management, integration and test of atomic force microscope (AFM), operational software development.

- Institute of Microtechnology, (IMT) University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland:
Development and production of cantilever array chips. Final assembly and test of chip, tips and scan head.

- Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology, (CSEM) Neuchâtel, Switzerland:
Development and production of diamond tips.

- The Nanosurf AG, Liestal, Switzerland:
Development and production of the miniaturized electromagnetic scan head and software for all AFM-functions.

- The Departement Physik der Universität Basel, Switzerland:
Development, production and testing of AFM-electronic hardware for space applications.

- The Swiss Nanoscience Institute, Switzerland:

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